Rainbow Coalition preaches to Bishop Mpundu on need to preserve Christian nation status

Rainbow Coalition preaches to Bishop Mpundu on need to preserve Christian nation status


Mpundu with another PF cadre George Mpombo

It is with sadness that we hear a man regarded with high esteem speak to say the declaration of Zambia, as a Christian Nation is a non-event. We are left to wonder what the other options are being suggested by the dignified clergyman? Should we guess a circular state?  Many questions we will ask and seek answers from the learned clergyman.

May we ask; if there is a family and in that family the Majority of members of the household are Christians and have decided to be regarded as a Christian family, but there is a prostitutes in the family, do we then call that household a brothel? I guess the answer is NO.

Perhaps in saying so is the archbishop saying the church in Zambia and the world over is a non-event? Because how many times do we hear today that someone in the church has sinned? How many times do we hear of priests molesting children? How many times have we heard of pastors in adultery cases? How many times have the Bishops, Reverends and pastors counseled members of the church who have found themselves in sin? Does this make the church a non-event?

The answer is a resounding NO again, because even Jesus came to seek and save the lost, he was called a friend of sinners and tax collectors, which is the Job of the Church today. When there is corruption, Violence, intimidation and all it is the role of the church to mediate and bring sanity and not declare a non-event! The church needs to do what is necessary, not to say since these sins are happening then we cant be Christian anymore.

If this where the case may the archbishop be the first to step down as archbishop and stop being Christian unless he says the church is perfect and the members of the church are without sin or blemish. If there is sin in the church you don’t close down the church, or rename it to be a den of criminals and immorality; do you? The aspects of corruption, intimidation etc. as stated in his statement to the media made on 01/04/2012 (palm Sunday) are true exist in this country, we thought that more than ever before as Christians we need to look to God as a country not the otherwise.

In the midst of all the corruption, the intimidation, the governance problems and injustices, more than ever before we need to turn to God for true Justice and righteousness, and this is obtained by yielding to God not turning away from him. Zambia is a Christian Nation and as Christians we ought to strive to be like Christ and do as he has commanded us and not grow weary in our pursuit to having this nation governed by Godly principles and indeed the 10 commandments as declared by the President H.E Mr. Michela C. Sata.

Prepared My

Malekano Mwanza

Director Of programs

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