Raising money from poor students

Please hide my I’d as you publish this.

New UNZA IDs: The Pandora’s Box
Qtn: Are the new students IDs as per instruction from UNZA management justifiable?
Ans: Yes though the timing is off.
It is not a rumor that UNZA is facing financial challenges and are not myths that these challenges are as a result of an erratic funding from government. Not so long ago, the media carried stories of lecturers threatening to be on go slow due to a delay in the crediting of their accounts. Ministerial pronouncements have been made where UNZA has been requested to sale off some of its properties in order to settle its debt. And for those who are glued to the news am sure you’d understand the history of this uncalled for move. Yes, the move was very retrogressive to say the least. Selling an asset in order to settle an accumulative debt is wrong because what will you sale tomorrow?

Back to the new IDs being imposed on the poor students. Firstly, the students do not have BC to start with so how on earth will they raise the K80 for the new ID? Secondly, the academic year is 2-3months away from elapsing so why impose this change on the graduating students? Will we have need for these new IDs out there or will we keep them as collectibles for our children and grand children to adore? But still then, the old ones would suffice.

After analyzing this seemingly desperate move by UNZA I turned my thought to how much the accounts department will generate at the end of the day. So I got my calculator and did some simple Arithmetic. Forgive the accuracy of my data, as we know, accurate records are hard to find in Zambia. However I found that the total student populace stood at more than 24,000 according to an online article published in 2007. Extrapolation of this data to 2016 with an approximate 30% increase in enrollment we come up with a total student population of more than 31,000. Follow the math below;

Population = 31,000
New I’d fee = K80

Total funds = population x cost of I’d
= 31,000 x K80
= K2,480,000
An approximate total of K2,480,000 shall be realized from the new IDs alone. Note that lecturers, consultants and other workers are not captured in this calculation. Meaning the figures might be much more than the above. This money I think Is sufficient to pay for the casual workers and other back log bills.

Qtn: considering that this erratic funding to the institution is continuous. What will UNZA do next time? After this venture of course.

Conclusion: This is clearly a money raising venture that was ill timed and deserves not to be forced on students for this academic year at least, especially the graduating students. GRZ, UNZA and ACC should critically analyze the injustice thereof. Thanks.

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