Rampant corruption by Kasama town clear & mayor

Rampant corruption by Kasama town clear & mayor


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I wish to report rampant corruption activities at Kasama Municipal Council which has led to the council to fail paying workers for more than 3 months now. All the corrupt activities are spearheaded by the Town Clerk, Mr. Zakeyo Mbao. The following are some of the corrupt activities:

1. The Town Clerk working together with the Mayor, Frederick Chisanga committed the Council’s Local Government Equalization Fund (LGEF) whereby he singlehandedly allowed the mayor to get a loan for a personal tractor which is currently at the mayor’s farm using the LGEF. As it is, the LGEF is the one that is being used to refinance this loan for the mayor’s personal tractor. The money for the tractor is being deducted at source. For those that may have doubts concerning this transaction, records are there. Anti Corruption Commission can easily find the records.

What is more interesting is that this amount of money which the council is using to refinance the mayor’s loan is not being deducted from the mayor’s pay.

2. Mr. Mbao has also been paying the mayor an illegal allowance in the Education allowance. This, according to conditions of service is an illegality which also needs to be investigated. Whenever internal audit points this mistake he threatens to fire them as he has power to hire and fire.

3. The TC has also amassed so much wealthy using the different projects which the council is undertaking although most of them have terribly failed. One project which has terribly failed despite gobbling huge amounts of money in the excess of 2 million is the upgrading of Kapongolo Motel which was supposed to be opened to the public before the Northern Province Expo. In this project, Mbao working with some boys from Engineering Department, prominently a Steven Nyirongo have stolen huge amounts of money. The project has now stalled.

4. Mbao has also been using Procurement section to steal a lot of money from the council when buying items for various projects. For example, the street lighting project, one electric pole was being purchased at above K50,000. This is daylight robbery. As it is, the project has also stalled.

5. The TC has also been using procurement officers to steal money meant for Constituency Development Fund (CDF). They do this by exaggerating the figures for cheap things such as roofing sheets which they buy. Mostly, they do this by not allowing members of respective CDF funded projects to be present when buying materials. This has made most CDF projects to fail as they are below standards.

6. Illegal loans. The TC has been using the LGEF to refinance loans which he got from two banks to buy vehicles. The vehicles which he bought are not fit to be utility vehicles. They are kinds of vehicles which cannot go in rural areas.

7. Mbao has also failed to run the council. In this, he has been allowing his directors all who are in salary scale LGSS 4 to be driving the above mentioned vehicles carelessly and parking them at their residences as if they were personal-to-holder vehicles. This lack of foresight on the part of the TC makes running costs for administration become extremely high.

On this one, even himself Mbao and Mayor who are entitled to have personal-to-holder vehicles, as well as receiving Fuel Allowance, still use fuel from the council for personal movements. The result here is abuse of office and authority.

One director has made a vehicle which belongs to the council to be like his own. He is even allowed to have it for a period of one month outside office and even work suffers.

8. Mbao has been fighting all hard working and well meaning workers at the council. All the workers we saw come with zeal have been scandalized using the political tag. There is no one who he has spared. Recently, he used his girlfriend a relative to prominent politician in PF to fight all Mbao’s workmates.

9. Mbao also allowed all counselors at Kasama Municipal Council to get loans from a named commercial bank using the Council as collateral. The question is, how can a counselor get a loan from a commercial bank when they do not have a monthly salary? All this was done by Mbao’s machination. The result is that counselors demand to be paid earlier than workers. This has created a situation where the council is up to date with the mayor and counselors’ salaries and not for workers. Workers are working for counselors and the mayor.

Editor, Mbao has been boasting that he cannot be touched as he is PF and he is known by the president himself. He has also been boasting that even the Chairperson at the Commission is in his pocket as he even paid for his accommodation whenever he is in Kasama using the council’s funds.

As it stands, the council even when they receive equalization fund like all councils that receive has no money to pay salaries for its workers as all the money is absorbed in paying off huge loans which the council is having as well as running huge administrative costs due to Mbao’s failure to run the council.

Kindly help us tell the nation about what is currently obtaining at this council. Otherwise, we do not have hope. We also hope that the illegalities which have been reported above are going to be investigated by ACC and other wings.

The picture below is for the mighty Kasama Municipal Council TC who is untouchable.

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