Rastafarians being denied National identity cards

Rastafarians being denied National identity cards

By Maiko Zulu

It has come to our attention that the Ministry of Home Affairs through the various National Registration offices is denying Zambian citizens with dreadlocks their rights of obtaining their National Registration Cards (NRC’s).

A number of people with dreadlocked hair are being turned away in what is a blatant and unwarranted violation of citizens rights. Denying someone their NRC automatically disqualifies them from voting and obtaining other documentation like passports and driver’s licences. In short, having dreadlocks in this country means you are stateless.

In view of this colonial and anti-African development, we call on the Minister of Home Affairs to look into the matter and give guidance and also state under which Act dreadlocks are banned in Zambia. We cannot be denying people their rights just because their hair is different. The world has moved on from such kind of mentalities and identifying someone doesn’t have to be limited to bald heads.

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