RATSA and you

RATSA and you

Dear Editor,

Still on RTSA,

1. Why do they assess if vehicles are fit to be on the road when the roads are not fit for the vehicles. Where does the money they collect go.

‎2. We pay road tax to drive on both better and bad roads. Why should we pay for toll gates also as the purpose for paying for these two taxes is the same apart from two different collecting agencies are involved. It’s even better road tax is scrapped off because it doesn’t make any sense.

3. Why should a car which was parked for over a quarter pay for road tax in arrears as if it was using the road all this while, they are stealing from citizens.‎

4. My understanding of speed limits comprised of more appropriate factors than just condition or status of the road for example near a community where human or animal traffic will be crossing the road, the landscape say steep slop etc and highway versus community places which considerations should be taken into account. Our position on such matters will take into account informed decisions based on empirical evidence and hence MTC, RTSA, RDA and Councils can be engaged after a comprehensive study and recommendation. Objective is to save life and not to punish citizens. Why does RTSA think it’s the only player ‎when it comes to road usage, do they consult MTC, RDA and councils before implementing whatever they implement. We need proof over the consultations and empirical evidence which led them to arrive at the decisions they made and implemented. I assume if consultation was done, RDA would have worked on the roads with proper markings and road signs before RTSA implemented their dodgy systems and the issue of toll gates and road tax would have been resolved and corrected way back.

It’s time us citizens became level headed with the affairs of our country. We need to be reactivate systematically to situations and also question why something has been done and not just follow as if it’s gospel truth.

Here are the things that we need to be addressed;

1. Removing carbon tax‎ because it’s pointless paying for it unless if they give us proof of where the funds are used for which should be in line with safety of the environment and also a licence that permits them to collect the funds given by a governing body which looks at global environmental matters.

2. Increasing the speed limits on our roads.

3. Putting proper road signs on the roads including signs of cameras in appropriate areas.

4. ‎Documentation on Consultation with RDA and other stakeholders to work on the roads for the roads to be fit for our vehicles or else they should remove the fee for fitness because we don’t see what the fee is used for.

5. RTSA need to consult with RDA and see which tax (either road tax or toll gates) will be paid because we can’t pay double to two institutions for the same tax for using the roads.‎ Paying for tool gates are even better because of the efficiency when paying for them and the use for the funds is well defined.

6. We need emperical evidence which led to the decisions RTSA made in regards to systems they are and have implemented and also the criteria they are using to arrive at the systems and penalties, we need a fair and transparent system, this is our country and we demand transparency in everything. ‎

7. We need documentation which shows meetings held by RDA, RTSA, MTC and council which led to making decisions by RTSA. We are the biggest stakeholders as citizens and they also need to show us evidence of consulting different associations and unions that represent us citizens. Zambia is a democratic country where consultation is key at arriving at any decision. It can be prudent to even sue RTSA for not following proper procedures.

8. ‎RTSA need to reduce the penalty fee for overspeeding. The amount is rediculous or they need to change the system on overspeeding.

9. ‎If RTSA doesn’t address the above matters, we need to demand that it should be removed from Zambia because they are not fit to do the job because they are not transparent, fairness is not there in their dealings at the expense of the citizens.

10. Scrap off all fines against motorists until the above matters are addressed appropriately.

Let all motorists and citizens work together for the above matters to be addressed. Zambia is not a kantemba but a country which needs to be full of dignity.

(Good Governance Advocate)

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