RATSA boss bribed with six flats

RATSA boss bribed with six flats

Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) boss Zindaba Soko has just acquired these 6 blocks of flats from the National Housing Authority.

The proceeds of crime are in North gate gardens off Kasangula road, near SoS.

These flats were bought for Soko by a company which has entered into a contract with RATSA.

Full details of money trails and individuals and companies involved coming …

But maybe before we unleash full details, Soko can explain how he acquired the flats!

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    Shi Mumbi 5 days ago

    Anything,everywhere, everyone,in this regime pipo think of how to enrich themselves. Unfortunately for Zambians it’s business as usual. When are pipo going say “enough is enough” to this nonsense.!!!

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    Jimmy Shaba 1 week ago

    Show proof of bribery

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    Could this explains why RTSA has failed to print my drivers license giving shortage of material as an excuse instead of saying our bosses are busy thinking about personal matters and forgotten about work. It is now ten (10) months and the plastic, not metal, card cannot be printed. We are really  being taken for a ride, moving with A4 sized receipt instead of something that fits nicely in a wallet. The Officers at roadblocks have even guts to ask for drivers license.