RB admitted to prestigious Madrid club of democratic former presidents

RB admitted to prestigious Madrid club of democratic former presidents

Members of Club De Madrid

Immediate past president Rupiah Banda has been admitted to the prestigious Club de Madrid, the world’s largest forum of former democratic Presidents and Prime Ministers. www.clubmadrid.org

The Watchdog understands that Banda received the letter of invitation to the club last Friday

The Club de Madrid is an independent non-profit organization composed of more than 80 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from 56 different countries, constituting the world´s largest forum of former Heads of State and Government, who have come together to respond to a growing demand for support among leaders in two key areas: democratic leadership and governance; and  response  to crisis and post-crisis situations.

Membership in the Club de Madrid is offered to respected former Heads of State and Government of democratic countries who contribute their personal experience and knowledge.  Appointment to the Club of Madrid is proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly.

Other African former leaders in membership are Sadig Al Mahdi – PM Sudan (1966-1967, 1986-1989), Joaquim Chissano – Pres. Mozambique (1986-2005), Luisa Diogo – PM Mozambique (2004-2010), Alpha Oumar Konare – Pres. Mali (1992-2002), John Kufuor – Pres.Ghana (2001-2009), Ketumile Masire – Pres. Botswana (1980-1998), Thabo Mbeki – Pres. South Africa (1999-2008), Benjamin Mkapa – Pres. Tanzania (1995-2005), Festus Mogae – Pres. Botswana (1998-2008), Olusegun Obasanjo – Pres. Nigeria (1976-1979, 1999-2007) and Cassam Uteem Pres. Mauritius (1992-2002).

From the time he democratically handed over power to PF thugs in September last year, former president Banda has been kept busy by the international community through various high level engagements.

His first assignment was to lead election observers under the Jimmy Carter centre to the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was in November 2011, less than a month after handing over power to the characters who are currently dividing the country on tribal lines, beating peaceful demonstrators, hacking websites etc…

He was later engaged as guest lecturer on democracy at the Boston University in the United States of America (USA).

Just a week ago, he returned from leading elections observers in Lesotho under the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA).

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