RB blocked from leaving the country, Zambia accuses RSA of interference in his cases

RB blocked from leaving the country, Zambia accuses RSA of interference in his cases

Former president Rupiah Banda has been blocked from leaving the country by immigration officials at Lusaka International Airport on instruction from ailing and ageing dictator Michael Sata who is being controlled by the Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito cartel.

The blocking of Mr.Banda from leaving the country is in total disregard of the entire court and judicial process in Zambia that ruled and ordered that he be allowed to leave the country as he is not a security risk who is likely to run-away.

Mr.Banda was this morning expected to leave for South Africa to attend the 2013 African Presidential Roundtable following the release of his passport after the court decision yesterday.

The Boston University African Presidential Centre had re-booked the former Head of State on today’s South African Airways flight departing Lusaka at 07:15 hours as the last flight yesterday had already left by the time the passport was being released.

No reasons have been given for blocking Mr. Banda by the immigration authorities who merely said they were acting on instructions from above.

Among the reasons advanced by the Mutembo Nchito cartel in the court documents for denying Mr. Banda to travel are that the South African government has been uncooperative and interfering in the persecution of Mr. Banda and his family.

This act which is a clear contempt of court also shows how far the relations between Zambia and South African have deteriorated under the government of president Michael Sata who is even ready to break the law.

The act also shows that court decisions and rulings in Zambia now don’t mean anything anymore, and perhaps citizens can as well pursue other means of settling arbitrations with the government.

Mr.Banda’s slot at the roundtable had been moved to today and was expected to, among other things, moderate in session-two under the subject “Making Government Work”, whose discussant will be former Mauritius President, His Excellency Karl Auguste Offmann.

Other notable personalities attending the African Presidential; Roundtable are former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano, former Tanzanian president Ali Hassan Mwinyi, former South African president Thabo Mbeki, former Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga and Martin Luther King Jnr, a professor of ethical leadership at Boston University.

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