RB bulldozes Muzungu for Mufumbwe

Mulondwe Muzungu (in black jacket)

President Rupiah Banda has ordered the MMD to adopt Zambia’s ambassador to Libya Mulondwe Muzungu for the Mufumbwe parliamentary bye-election.

State House sources have confirmed to the Watchdog that president Banda has even summoned his former co-UNIP member Muzungu back to Lusaka.

“As Iam speaking to you now, Mr. Muzungu is airborne aboard Kenyan airways and will land at Lusaka intenational airport at 12 hours today Saturday,’ said one source.

The sources futher said that the party will still go through the normal process of adopting candidates but that would just be cosmetic as Muzungu has already been adopted.

Muzungu was the last MP of Mufumbwe during the UNIP era and was once UNIP deputy secretary general.

The PF/UPND pact is fielding Elliot Kamondo in an election that is likely to be highly tribal between Muzungu’s fellow Kaondes and Kamondo’s Kachokwes.

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