RB can’t win as MP for Chifubu

President Rupiah Banda 'can't win a parliamentary seat.'

GEORGE Mpombo yesterday said the MMD will certainly lose the Chifubu parliamentary by-election even if President Rupiah Banda adopts himself as candidate.

And Ng’andu Magande yesterday urged credible MMD ministers and leaders to seek other options because the current MMD government is not credible.

Reacting to MMD national chairman Michael Mabenga and spokesperson Dora Siliya’s call on him to leave the MMD if they were unhappy, Mpombo – who is former defence minister – said it was people like Mabenga and Siliya that should leave the MMD.

“Dora has lost her bearings and I wish to ask the public to treat her outbursts with the contempt they deserve. The people that should leave the party, it’s her and Rupiah who have vandalised the party constitution.
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