RB confered with honorary doctorate degree

RB confered with honorary doctorate degree

President Banda accepting the honorary doctorate degree at Rusangu University


The Rusangu University formerly called Zambia Adventist University (ZAU) has
conferred on President Rupiah Banda an honorary Doctorate Degree in political Science.
Making the announcement of President Banda’s new title Sunday during the Fifth Rusangu University graduation ceremony, University Vice Chancellor Professor Mutuku Mutinga said President Banda had contributed greatly to the economic and political development of the country.
“Zambia is now qualified to be among the middle income countries which would have taken 30 years but because of his brilliant leadership has managed this in few years and that can only be achieved with a visionary leadership.

Looking at the hard work to better the livelihood of the people the senate have this day agreed to confer you
with a honorary Doctorate in political science, and from this day you are now called Dr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda,” said Prof Mutinga.

And accepting the new status of Doctor, President Banda said that there are many Universities across the world that wanted to confer him with an honorary Doctorate Degree.
“I am a proud man and as a President I will accept this Honorary Doctorate Degree from my own local university, I will receive it with honor because this is the first university locally to confer a head of state with a honorary Doctorate degree of political science and I will use it with honor because of my works,” said President Banda.
And speaking during the fifth graduation ceremony at Rusangu, President Banda said his government was proud of the holistic approach the university has taken in the provision of Education.
“Let me take this opportunity  to appreciaate your efforts, your initiative of providing a holistic education that seeks to train the head, the hand and the heart of the whole person, SDA has to this day played an important role in the development of this country,” he said.
He said the church has also helped government in areas such as the establishment of institutions up to tertiary levels, the provision of health services through establishing of health facilities such as Mwami hospital and Yuka hospitals.
President Banda said that his government recognizes that the task of educating people is very expensive and should not only be left to the government alone.
“It is for this reason that my government is strongly committed to supporting institutions such as Rusangu University by providing training facilities locally, the church is helping government to conserve foreign exchange that could have been spent on training people abroad,” he said.

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