RB didn’t send Chiluba to Nigeria-Jere

President Rupiah Banda’ spokesperson Dickson Jere says it is ‘erroneous to insinuate that President Rupiah Banda sent former President Frederick Chiluba to Nigeria for holiday when it was his legal entitlement under the Zambian law.’

In an emailed statement to the Watchdog, Jere said Chiluba, like any other former Head of State in Zambia, is  entitled every year to one return ticket for himself and the spouse under the Benefits of Former President Act, Chapter 15 of the Laws of Zambia.

He said President Banda did not play any role in the trip by former President Chiluba contrary to some media reports.

Jere said stories circulating, especially on the internet, that President Banda ordered Government to pay for Chiluba’s holiday was incorrect and misleading.

He said arrangements for trips for former Heads of State are not sanctioned or arranged by the President.

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