RB does not love Zambia, says his son

ANDREW Banda says his father is supporting Edgar Lungu out of selfish reasons. And Andrew says farmers in Eastern Province have vowed to vote the Patriotic Front out of government because it has killed the agriculture sector. Commenting on Rupiah Banda’s decision to back Lungu ahead of this month’s presidential election, Andrew said the move was an indication that the former president did not love the country. “Anybody endorsing Edgar is doing it for themselves and not for Mother Zambia. If the old man is going to come out clearly that he endorses Edgar, then he does not love Zambia because Edgar does not have the material in him to run this country,” he said. Andrew, an ardent supporter of the opposition UPND, said Lungu lacked the qualities of a leader who could meet people’s aspirations.   Banda recently travelled with Lungu to Rwanda and Nigeria to source for campaign funds and is currently in Chipata to drum up support for the PF candidate. And Andrew says farmers have resolved to reject the PF owing to its poor agriculture policies. Andrew, who served as a diplomat to India during his father’s tenure, further said farmers were aggrieved with the PF for destroying the agriculture sector. He said farmers in Eastern Province had been subjected to utter poverty following the government’s failure to pay for their maize produce sold to the Food Reserve Agency on time. “I was on the Eastern Province campaign tour with HH (Hakainde Hichilema) and the killing of the agriculture sector in the area is what will make Edgar lose to HH. I am an Easterner and Lungu is my brother because we are from this place, but in all honesty, in comparison terms, we cannot compare Lungu to HH,” said Andrew. – See more at: 

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