RB expected in Mazabuka tomorrow as MPs shun him

Mazabuka District Commissioner, Tyson Hamaamba has commended opposition UPND councilors in the district for taking a bold decision to accept to receive President Rupiah Banda when he visits Chief Mwanachingwala this Sunday.
Mr. Hamaamba told ZANIS in Mazabuka today, that councillors deserve to be praised for not taking a partisan stance on the visit by the head of state.
The DC’s comments follows a letter signed and addressed to him by Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo and his Chikankata counterpart, Munji Habeenzu stating that they will not receive and attend any meetings President Banda will address when he visits the district.
The two parliamentarians said in the letter that they will not attend the meeting because it was private and silent on developmental issues and do not attach the value of the visit to the community that they represent.
They also charged that their presence at the meeting would not be beneficial to the people of the two constituencies as they would not be accorded a platform to present to the President  issues that affect the people they represent.
But Mr. Hamaamba said it was not possible for his office to include them on the programme as the meeting was for the President, Chiefs, members of the business community and farmers.
And Mazabuka Mayor, Shaderick Mwiinga said all the UPND councillors will receive the President at the Boma and proceed to Chief Mwanachingwala’s palace where the President is expected to confer with Chief Mwanachingwala and his counterparts.
Mayor Mwiinga also refused to comment on the protest by the two parliamentarians not to attend the meeting.

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