RB family said to be seeking asylum as Zuma intervenes

RB family said to be seeking asylum as Zuma intervenes

Some family members of former president Rupiah Banda are reportedly seeking asylum in South Africa due to persecution by the PF government.

And South African president Jacob Zuma has asked President Michael Sata to respect his predecessor and stop harassing him or his family.

When president Sata visited South Africa to celebrate the ANC’s 100th years of existence, president Zuma had a meeting with Sata and first Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda.

In the meeting, Zuma told Sata that the SADC region is concerned with Sata’s plans to arrest Rupiah Banda.

Zuma is said to have told Sata that the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and Africa at large views Rupiah Banda as a statesmen who deserves respect because he, unlike other African leaders, democratically handed over power to Sata.

On the Rupiah Banda family seeking asylum, individuals close to the family have told the Watchdog that, even though they are innocent, they feel that their prosecution is political and merely meant to fulfil campaign promises which the PF leaders dreamed of.

The sources could not state clearly if the former president’s family has already applied for the asylum or whether they are just contemplating.

But what is true is that former president Rupiah Banda, his wife and two of their sons are currently in South Africa.

Under the what they call  ‘fight against corruption’, the police in Zambia are looking for two of Rupiah Banda’sons Andrew and Henry.

On December 29, 2011, the Zambia Police announced that they are asking the general public to help them find the son of former President Rupiah Banda, Henry.

It has since been revealed that the police know that Henry is in South Africa but have failed to get him as they are receiving no cooperation from the South African authorities.

On, January 17, 2012, the police summoned former first lady ThandiweBanda for questioning on allegations of money laundering.

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