RB fumes; threatens to fire ministers

rupiah-bandaPresident Rupiah Banda has warned that he will not hesitate to suck all ministers and those trying to frustrate his Government.

President Banda said he had tried his best to keep stability in the Government and the Movement for Multi Party Democracy since the death of his predecessor Dr. Levy Mwanawasa.

The President said he was human and that if people pushed him beyond a certain point he would not hesitate but deal with all those that were frustrating his works.

The president said the Zambian economy was currently doing very well with Foreign Reserves currently standing at US$1.8 billion an amount which has never been recorded before.

He noted that at one time Zambia’s foreign reserves stood at US$1.3 billion but now the reserves have gone up.

Mr. Banda who was speaking at celebrations to mark the Silver Jubilee of the Zambia National Marketeers Association in Kitwe today, said as the Economy continues to register growth, money would start getting into the pockets of an average Zambian.

The President said all those that were calling for Change or die Zambia at a time when the economy was growing and jobs being created were confused persons.

And President Banda has said no well balanced person can give out over US$1.2 billion to an individual

He charged that he was not a mad person who can just give out Government resources at will.

The said a lot of people were not happy with his style of leadership because they had found out that he was not an easy person to work with.

The President further said there was need for Zambians to remain calm and not listen to eccentric people who wanted to put the country on of Fire.

The President cautioned Zambians against involving themselves in acts that may bring chaos in the Country as no one was going to take care of their Children if they started killing each other.

The President also disputed media reports that he had spent over K1 billion in Western Province saying it was not possible for him to have spent such colossal sums of money in two days.

“They are no shops in Liuwa were could I have spent all this money, this is insane, “said President Banda.


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