RB Govt okay – Chifumu

OPPOSITION Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) vice-president Chifumu Banda has said there is nothing wrong with the current composition of Cabinet because it takes care of professionalism and fair represenmtation of all regions.

He said it was impossible to meet the prescription of tribal balancing in the allocation of Cabinet portfolios in Zambia, which has 73 tribes.

Mr Banda, who is also chairperson of the National Constitutional Conference (NCC), however, said consideration for appointment to Government positions should be shaped by qualification and not tribal preference.

Mr Banda wondered how the president could balance Cabinet on tribal lines instead of looking at citizenship and academic qualifications regardless of tribe.

He said Government positions were limited and condemned calls for appointments based on tribal inclination at the expense of academic and professional qualifications.

Mr Banda said sentiments bordering on tribes and regionalism could plunge the country into divisions and weaken the existing unity.

He said, in an event where all tribes had qualified personnel to run Cabinet, consideration should be extended to the highly qualified class and also disregarding tribes in preference for nationality.

“If a person is Zambian that is good enough as long as one is qualified for the task. As soon as someone starts thinking about tribes that can be a source of division and should be discouraged,” Mr Banda said.

And UNIP revival forum chairperson Alfred Banda said the seven major languages that had been accepted in Zambia should be used as regions and this means that the present Government meets the requirement of tribal balancing.

Mr Banda said the huge number of tribes and dialects in Zambia would be a challenge to anyone intending to balance tribes against less than 30 Cabinet positions that are available.

The comments were a reaction to a statement by Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni-speaking people of Eastern province who said there was no Ngoni tribe representation in the Cabinet of President Rupiah Banda.

President Banda’s Cabinet is formed from all the nine regions of Zambia and includes George Kunda, Brian Chituwo and Ronnie Shikapwasha from Central Province while Northern Province has Catherine Namugala, Felix Mutati and Kapembwa Simbao.

Eastern province has Dora Siliya, Peter Daka, Maxwell Mwale, Lameck Mangani and Eustarckio Kazonga.

Lusaka Province has Kenneth Chipungu while Geoffrey Lungwangwa, Michael Kaingu, Situmbeko Musokotwane and Austin Liato are from Western Province.
Southern Province has Vernon Mwaanga and Bradford Machila.

North Western province has Sara Sayifwanda, Kenneth Konga, Ronald Mukuma and Kabinga Pande while Copperbelt Province has Gladys Lundwe and Mike Mulongoti while Kalombo Mwansa is from Luapula Province.


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