RB had nothing to do with trucks, it’s Kelvin Sampa

RB had nothing to do with trucks, it’s Kelvin Sampa

The trucks at the centre of former president Rupiah Banda’s recent arrest were received, registered and kept by a local crook Kelvin Sampa, the watchdog has gathered.

Sampa has been working with one of former President Rupiah Banda’s nieces whose name has been withheld for now.

Sampa and the said niece of Mr Banda are in a sexual relationship.

Former President Banda was on Monday April 15, 2013 arrested for the second time by the imitation of Levy Mwanawasa’s Task Force on corruption in connection with nine light trucks.

The former President was charged for concealing the trucks valued at KR471, 000 (K471, 000, 000).

But Drug Enforcement Commission sources have revealed that the former president had nothing to do with the trucks and that he was not even aware of the existence of those trucks.

According to information gathered, Sampa received the vehicles and registered them without the knowledge of the MMD campaign team.

In 2011, the police almost arrested Kelvin Sampa and the same niece of the former president but Sampa agreed to implicate the former president in exchange for freedom.

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Kelvin Sampa now works as informer for the Task Force which they prefer to call Government Joint Investigations team (GJIT)

The former president’s niece has now been offered a job in the diplomatic service as part of the deal for her and her lover to implicate her uncle.

On April 6, 2011, Kelvin Sampa was disqualified from contesting the position of MMD national youth chairperson and was suspended from the party for using the MMD’s name to raise money fraudulently.

Sampa has history of conning the Chinese and others. He was once posing as consultant for China Communication Services.

He once worked with Ventriglia family when they were controlling Zambezi Portlands. He betrayed them after they landed into difficulties.

He ditched the MMD and climbed onto the PF just after the MMD lost power.

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