RB has killed Levy’s legacy-Sata

'Village Dog' Francis Kabonde in white

Patriotic Front (PF) Leader Michael Sata has observed that President Rupiah Banda has completely ‘killed’ Levy Mwanawasa’s legacy by relieving professionals from the defense forces and maintaining bootlickers like Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde.
Reacting to President Banda’s announcement of changes in the defense and security forces, Sata said there was nothing important about President Banda’s press briefing.
He said Banda is ‘killing’ Mwanawasa’s legacy as he is relieving professionals and leaving people like Kabonde.
Sata said Kabonde’s resignation is long overdue sayin ‘as long as we have cadres and bootlickers like Kabonde there, the village dogs will be running the Zambia Police’.

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