RB: I want to watch the reed dance

President Rupiah Banda has a greed to stay a little bit longer in Swaziland  in order to watch the reed dance.
President Banda told the queen mother of the Swazi Kingdom that he was happy with the warm welcome he and his entourage received and agreed to stay a bit longer to witness the Reed Dance ceremony.

He was speaking last evening when he paid a courtesy call to the queen mother  at her Eludzidzini Royal Residence.
President Banda said there was need for the two countries to continue working together to solve problems affecting the region and the continent.

He said Swaziland was an old country with huge experience on how to keep its citizens together and diverse culture from which Zambia could benefit from.

Mr. Banda said since he was the youngest President, not in terms of age but years in office, he expected to benefit more from the relationship and cooperation from the King Mswati 111.

The president said he has already benefited from the cooperation that has continued to exist between the two countries and hoped the two countries would continue enjoying the warm relationship.

President Rupiah Banda , the two deputy Prime Ministers from Zimbabwe, two South African cabinet ministers plus President Jacob Zuma’s wife and many others are some of the dignitaries that will be at the Reed Dance (Umhlanga).

Thousands of maidens were commissioned by His Majesty the King on Wednesday to go cut the reed. They are expected to deliver it on Sunday at the Ludzidzini Cattle Byre with Monday, which is the main day, being a public holiday.


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