RB initiated the five new ministries

The five new ministries recently announced by President Edgar Lungu were imposed on him by former President Rupiah Banda and shall be given mostly to Rupiah’s supporters in return for the latter’s support. RB is holding Lungu hostage and is using arm twisting tactics to get what he wants.

Dora Siliya and Kapembwa Simbao, MPs for Petauke and Senga Hills are some of the two former MMD MPs who defected to the PF under Rupiah’s instructions. They were initially supposed to be given ministerial positions soon after election but Lungu feared retribution from the PF hence the plot to delay the appointments.

“Recently RB threatened to withdraw backing for Lungu that is how you saw that he was not active in the Solwezi and Lubansenshi so Lungu had to lead with him and RB found this as an opportunity to arm twist him. He is the one who even strategised that the new ministries be announced during the opening of parliament so that it reduces suspicions and after accessing people’s views then the RB stooges will be given those jobs because he wants more cabinet representation,” said the source who further disclosed that the appointments will be made soon after the Solwezi and Lubansenshi polls this Thursday.

The source also said that Rupiah will also impose a lot of his ‘boys’ on the recently introduced parastatal mother body Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

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