RB is a tribalist, maintains Mpombo

Former Defence Minister George Mpombo says Zambia has lost the vision of the One Zambia One Nation Motto because of the alleged tribal politics of president Rupiah Banda.
Mr.Mpombo says it is a pity that the Rupiah Banda led administration has embraced tribal politics and sees nothing wrong with that.
He says President Banda should emulate his mentor, first republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s spirit of One Zambia One nation.
Speaking to QFM in an interview, Mr Mpombo says president Banda is slowly dividing the nation with the way he is making his cabinet appointments.
He adds that it is shameful that president Banda has continued to defend his tribal appointments.
Mr Mpombo says president Banda should abide by the motto of One Zambia One Nation that has kept Zambia united instead of dividing the nation.

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