RB leaves DEC offices, questioning to continue tomorrow

RB leaves DEC offices, questioning to continue tomorrow

2013-03-18 12.57.09

William Banda acting as choirmaster for a UPND, MMD singing group at DEC

The Government Joint Investigations Team has failed to conclude the questioning of former President Rupiah Banda and will continue on Tuesday.

Spokeswoman for the team Namukolo Kasumpa told Journalist that the questioning would instead continue on Tuesday.

“The interviews will continue tomorrow, that is all I can say,” she said.

Banda has also called on the  citizens to remain peaceful and calm, while he is still being persecuted.

 “Let me say something, allow me to say something please, I want to tell of all of you, may I ask all of you to remain calm and peaceful even under serious provocation. We only have one country and let’s keep it peaceful even under provocation,” Banda said amid tight security.

He said that the court process in the investigation would  be long and therefore it was important for citizens to remain calm.

Scores of his supporters accompanied the former President forcing him to disembark from his official vehicle opting to walk for close to 100 metres, from Ridgeway Post office to DEC.

Several of MMD MPs also accompanied Banda, while singing solidarity songs.

The former president left DEC offices just before 15 hours local time

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