RB may counter sue M’membe

Former president Rupiah Banda may counter sue Fred M’meme of the Post newspaper  for libel.

M’membe announced in his paper on Saturday that he intends to sue the former president for revealing that he and DPP Mutemnbo Nchito are criminals.

But  going by a tweet posted by Mr Banda’s international counsel Robert Amsterdam, M’membe may just discover that in court, he does not have the last word.

“For a guy who defames Rupiah nearly every single day in the Post, M’membe sure doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a counter claim,’ Tweeted Mr Armsterdam.”

Earlier he Tweeted that “When President Sata goes abroad, he is booed and jeered as a humiliation to Zambians. Wonder why the PF won’t let Rupiah Banda travel.”


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