RB opposes turning Lower Zambezi Park into open pit

RB opposes  turning Lower Zambezi Park into open pit


Fourth Republican President, Rupiah Banda has opposed the planned mining investment in the Lower Zambezi National Park by Kangaluwi mining project owned by Zambezi resources of Australia to start mining operations in the Lower Zambezi National Park into an open pit mine.

Mr Banda is concerned with this venture and has advised that no effort be spared to ensure that this project as envisaged does not go ahead.

In a statement , the former head of state is not convinced that due regard was given to a number of important considerations such as the negative impact the mine would have on the lives, livelihood and people especially those that live within.

Mr Banda is particularly concerned that even the economic benefit that may be derived from the mineral pales in importance when compared to the long term damages on the environment and ecosystem that currently supports some of the rarest species of birds.

He adds that the fact that many organizations and individuals have opposed this move should be sufficient evidence that it is not in the public interest

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    Kaliz Rodrigo 2 weeks ago

    I lost confidence in RB when I saw him campaigning for one candidate in 2016 instead of taking a neutral stance.
    Being a former Head of State,he is supposed to be a uniting father for all.

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    RB is a man with integrity, rather special for any president. He was just a very bad president, without any knowledge on economics, and unfortunately he was lead astray by the bad people around him. That is why he lost the election. But here he is right, and he is joining the growing group of people – including the former presidents still alive – that agree on the Lower Zambezi to be kept that way and for the mine NOT to go ahead. But it is the greed of the ruling PF and its head Edgar China Lungu that will choose for the money. Shame!