RB orders overburdened health minsitry to pay salaries to private hospital

President Rupiah Banda has announced that the Government will take over payment of salaries to doctors and nurses at Beit Cure Hospital in Lusaka.
The Zambian government is struggling to pay medical personnel in government institutions. Apart from working under terrible conditions, Doctors and nurses are paid peanuts.
But president Banda saw it fit to make this announcement after touring the hospital which specializes in the treatment of children with disabilities.

According to his mouthpiece Dickson Jere, President Banda said he was touched by the commitment shown by the staff at the private hospital where children and adults from all parts of Zambia were receiving treatment at no cost.

The President visited the hospital to see first-hand the surgical operations being conducted by veteran United States constructive surgeon Joseph Clawson.

Dr Clawson was invited to come to Zambia by president Banda.
President Banda said he first learnt about Dr Clawson’s surgical operations when he watched a documentary on CNN which showed him performing his works in Zimbabwe. It was at that point that the President initiated Dr Clawson’s invitation which the he gladly accepted, said Dickson Jere.
President Banda directed the Ministry of Health to begin the process of taking over the payment of salaries to the Beit Cure Hospital doctors and nurses.

According to Jere, President Banda ‘was also happy that the mobile health services, for which he has been roundly criticized by some opposition leaders, were being offered by Beit Cure Hospital in their own mobile facilities.’

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