RB refuses to endorse PF

Former president Rupiah Banda has refused to endorse the PF for the next month’s presidential by-election.

The former president has been under massive pressure from the PF to endorse their candidate but so far he has said ‘no’.

“So far the old man has refused. They are still pushing him so maybe but I doubt he can endorse Edgar. You know they wanted him to do the endorsement at a colourful event today just after Christmas’, said a source close to the former president.

Another source said in fact the former president’ sympathies lie with UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema because they were persecuted together by the same people who today want his support.

‘As you know most MMD MPs who are very close to the old man such as Victoria Kalima and Sinda [levi] Ngoma and Mtolo for Chipata are already in the field campaigning for HH so that should give you an indication,’ the source explained.

The source said maybe one or two MPs will endorse Lungu eventually but so far only some members of the NEC who are not MPs and have done so but these have no influence anywhere.

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