RB requested to meet leaders of Kenyan political parties ahead of polls

Former president Rupiah Banda has been requested by Kenya’s Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to meet the leaders of the two main political parties in the March 4, 2013 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

According to Banda’s deputy administrative assistant Kennedy Limwanya, the former president will meet the Kenyan leaders to discuss the importance of putting their nation’s interest first.

(In the picture RB with Swedish Ambassador to Kenya Joan Borgstam and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chairman Ahmed Hassan)

IEBC vice-chairperson Lilian Zafa made the appeal Monday night at a dinner hosted in Banda’s honour at Hotel Intercontinental in Nairobi.

Ms Zafa said it would be important for Kenya’s rival parties to listen to President Banda freely talk about his own electoral defeat in the 2011 Presidential elections and how he dealt with the choice between self preservation and national interest.

“President Banda, you have set a very high standard for Africa. We appreciate you very much. You are now stress-free as a true and respected elder statesman. For you, national interest took precedence.

“We shall request that you find time to meet the leaders of our political parties here in Kenya so that they may learn something from your experience,” said Mrs Zafa at the dinner that was attended by diplomats accredited to Kenya, high court judges, lecturers from the Kenyatta University School of Law and government officials.

Speaking at the same function, chairman of the Judiciary Working Committee on Electoral Preparations, Justice David Maraga, said the Kenyan people were honoured to have President Banda in their midst.

And the former Zambian head of State commended the Kenyan people for the measures they were putting in place to prepare for the elections and avoid the violence that characterized the 2007 elections.

Zambia’s fourth president is in Kenya to attend a conference dubbed ‘Elections March 2013: Imminent debates in the event of a Presidential run-off’ andorganised by the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa in partnership with the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission, the Kenyan Judiciary and the Kenyatta University School of Law.



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    RB is internationally shining.

  • comment-avatar
    favour 5 years

    A table is set for RB in the presence of his enemies Psalms 23:5

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    Mwana Wakwathu 5 years

    RB deserves honor and not insults from all Zambians. He has been a unique servant of the nation. Becoming vice president only to bury his president and hold the nation together in a transition peacefully.For those who don’t know, he was in power and commander in chief when PF WON.He could have cancelled election results and go to court but he chose the way of peace. This is the message the International community are conveying through RB.

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      Blue Cheese 5 years

      you are saying that as if he was doing us a favour. it’s a democracy! the people voted out hif foolishness. there was nothing he could have done, he was getting the boot no matter what

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        Shrek! 5 years

        @Blue Cheese.
        All we are saying is that RB was not perfect but the imbecile we have in power now simply baffles the mind!

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    wiseman 5 years

    The youth by voting PF jumped from frying PAN into the Fire.