RB ‘resurrected’ by K5 million

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda has started campaigning for outgoing President Edgar Lungu just days after Lungu approved payment of K5 million retirement benefits for him.
Banda addressed a PF rally on Thursday in Lundazi district in Eastern Province where he claimed that Zambians should not retire President Lungu because it was costly to change government.
According to correspondence between Cabinet Office and the office of the fourth Republican president, President Lungu gave a go ahead to Cabinet to pay Banda instead of building him a house.
Banda is reported to have said that he wanted to be paid cash instead of being built a house by government because he could not wait for the long queue since only President Kaunda had so far been built a retirement house by government.
Banda has been quite from the time he was paraded by Lungu at a PF rally at Heroes Stadium but he has been ‘resurrected’ after approval of the K5 million payment.

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