RB returns from RSA, shames critics

Former President Rupiah Banda has returned back home from South Africa were he had gone for routine medical check up.

The coming back of Mr Banda shames the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Ncito who on several times objected to the release of Banda’s Passport saying he would flee the country.

Rupiah Banda is on Monday October 21,2013 expected to appear before the Lusaka Magistrate court in a continued trial in a matter in which Banda is accused of abuse of authority of office.

He is alleged to have authorised the payment of 2.5 million Dollars to a Nigerian company for the supply of crude oil. The owner of the company Akpene Ekpene who was the prosecution star witness has already testified in the matter and has denied that such money had been paid.

Surprisingly, Mr Ekpene said the current government was pursuing the contract.

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