RB returns to answer more than 90 questions prepared elsewhere

RB returns to answer more than 90 questions prepared elsewhere

Former president Rupiah Banda this morning appears for further question on corruption allegations levelled against him by Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Wynter Kabimba clique that is holding president Michael Sata hostage.

Sources close to the clique told the Watchdog that Mr. Banda yesterday answered about 45 questions, mainly on the Nigerian Oil deal that has so far threatened to strain relations between Zambia and Africa’s most populous nation.

The curtail has today prepared about 90 questions, which means Mr. Banda might even spend more time than yesterday when he appeared for more than three hours.

And the clique was disappointed that Mr. Banda yesterday answered all the questions regarding the fake Nigerian oil deal without any problems.

Sources close to the investigations said the former president told them that there was no money that was paid by the Zambian government, because if such a deal had happened, the Attorney, Energy PS, Energy Regulation Board, and the Ministry of Justice would have had documentation.

Mr. Banda challenged them that the amount involved would have been so huge that there would be some traces of transaction that the PF government would have kept.

“In fact he was very jovial throughout and at one time he jokingly but seriously challenged us that he was aware the questions were prepared elsewhere. He doesn’t seem to have any problems with us interviewing him because he knows we are just being used as well,” said sources close to the investigation.

Sources said today’s more than 90 questions will mainly center around the source of MMD campaign materials and the Mpundu Trust loan which the wife got from Nigerian owned Access Bank to build a block of flats.

“But we are not sure if he will answer these questions on Mpundu Trust that have been given to us because the matters are already in courts of law, hence prejudicial. We are even wondering why our bosses gave us these questions (on Mpundu Trust) because even us we are at a loss as there is an on-going court case currently,” sources said.

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