RB: Sata was not invited by Oxford University

President Rupiah Banda says that Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata lied to Zambians that he was invited by Oxford University in the United Kingdom recently.

President Banda said that Sata’s  mission to the UK was fake despite the huge publicity carried out in the media.

He said Sata was just invited by a study group in the UK and not the oxford university.

President Banda stated that he is not moved Sata rantings that he current government has failed to fight corruption.

He said that the MMD government is focused and will continue developing the nation for the benefit of the many Zambians.

Speaking to journalists ahead of his departure to turkey, President Banda stated that his government has continued to score in terms of development.

And President Banda has advised former works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti to keep quite if he has nothing to say.

President Banda said that the recent statements attributed to  Mulongoti are a sign that he is a frustrated man.

He has questioned why Mulongoti never resigned from the ruling party if he knew that the MMD will lose this year elections.

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