RB says donors glofiy homosexuality

President Rupiah Banda says donors in Zambia glorify and preach to Zambian children that being gay is a human right.

President Banda was speaking to champions of an HIV-Free Generation, who include senior Africans like Kenneth Kaunda, fomer president of Botswana Festus Mogae and other individuals involved in the fight against AIDS.

Former president of Botswana Mogae suggested that Zambia should not criminalise homosexuality.

But President Banda said it was difficult to listen to donors on the issue.

He said when the matter was presented by people like Mogae, ‘then you understand why we should not criminalise them, understand them and at the same time try and sensitize our children, young people.”
Of the donors, president said ‘they actually glorify it, they talk to our young people and making them believe that homosexuality is a human right and that if you appear to speak against it then you are a reactionary and you don’t understand the world etcetera etcetera,” .
But Bishop Joshua Banda, the chairperson of Zambia National AIDS Council (NAC) was very direct and said the Chmpions did not visit Zambia to promote homosexuality.
“We must be very be extremely careful on how we project this because we have not come here to promote that. Except that they are saying, ‘these are the areas where we really need to discuss’. It’s very strong on my side. We must be able to see the side of the church, how the church should respond to this. What the churches have done,”

“There is nothing that prevents those who may be for instance homosexual; there is nothing that requires that they disclose how they got the HIV infection. In that sense, we think that there is a slight misplacement in the way some of the international partners are projecting it. But I really like the dialogue aspect from the approach of the Champions. I think we must listen to the people.”

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