RB should admit he is a tribalist-Mpombo

MMD Kafulafuta Member of Parliament George Mpombo has charged that President Rupiah Banda should simply admit that he is a tribalist.

Mr Mpombo says Banda should not run away from that fact by trying to blame him for promoting tribal politics in the country.

And Mpombo has advised Advocate for Justice and Democracy AAJD secretary General Lanford Mwanza to desisting from commenting on issues he has little understanding on.

He says those accusing him of fueling tribalism in the country do not understand what is going on at State House where he claims those from president Banda’s area hold advisory positions where as those from other areas are only given clerical jobs.

Mr Mpombo says president Banda must realize that Zambia thrives on the motto: one Zambia one nation since the days of first republican president Kenneth Kaunda and that he is only asking the president to uphold the same motto.

Meanwhile Mpombo has told Local Government and Housing deputy minister Moses Muteteka to shut up stating that he has no right to advise him.

He says he cannot be advised by man of Mr Muteteka’s caliber who he describes as very ignorant.

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