RB signed for 10, not 4 months NCC extension

President Rupiah Band signed for the extension of the duration of the national constitutional conference by ten months and not four months, according to statutory instrument No.52 of 2009 obtained by Qfm.

President rupiah Banda signed the statutory instrument on 13th August 2009.
the statutory instrument signed by the president reads that the duration of the conference is hereby extended for a further period of ten months from date of expiry of the period specified in section Twenty-Two of the NCC act, provided that the period of ten months shall not include public holidays and the time during which the national assembly is sitting.
And Patriotic front leader Michael Sata has written to president Banda asking him to revoke the said statutory instrument No.52 of 2009 in accordance with his pronouncement in order to give legal effect to the period of four months.
In his letter to the president dated 10th September,2009 to which he has also attached statutory instrument No.52 of 2009,Mr Sata says he has realized that president Banda was misled into making the pronouncement regarding the period of four months, and that this is in view of the fact that on 13th August,2009 he signed Statutory instrument No.52 of 2009 in which he extended the NCC period for 10 months.
On Monday president Banda on his arrival from the Democratic republic of Congo for a SADC summit announced that he had extended the duration of the NCC by four months and not ten months as reported by the Media.

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