RB; There are only a few individuals preaching hatred

President Banda has challenged Zambians not allow a few individuals to preach hatred and bring the Country down.

President Banda says while some people were claiming that there was a crisis in the Country, Zambians must not loose hope because Government was doing everything possible to address the Economic woos being faced by the Country.

He says his government is highly ambitious and committed to overcoming the economic problems being faced by the Country unlike what some people in different sections of society were saying.

The President said this in Chambeshi Monday during the official opening of the Chambeshi Copper smelter.

Mr. Banda said there was need for Zambians to continue participating in the debate on how to develop the Country to ensure that the Poverty levels in the Country were reduced.

He said government and the Zambian people were most appreciative of the Chinese investment in Zambia especially that Chinese were now the economic leaders of the world.

The President added that it was not right for anyone to agitate for the departure of all Chinese Investors because people were familiar with the huge investments Chinese have pumped into he Country such as the Tazara Railways one among several other projects which have all stimulated Economic growth.

Mr. Banda said the entire World was now dependent on the Chinese Economy and that he was very proud of the relationship existing between the two Countries.

He said the concept for the establishment of the Chambeshi Economic Zone was to attract more investors into the region and the Country as a whole and that he was glad that the Company had started fruitful operations.

The President also said the positive developments which have been recorded in the mining sector in the recent past have brought confidence in the growth of the economy.

And speaking earlier Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Qianmin Li said the Chambeshi Copper smelter was now the largest Company in the Chambeshi Economic Zone.

Mr. Li said about 630 jobs have been created at the Company and that the Company would continue to support the local economy to enhance the growth of the Zambian export market.

He said the Smelter had the capacity to process about 150 thousand metric tones of copper.

He further said the Smelter was the first economic zone that China has belt in Africa and has the capacity to produce 250 thousand metric tones of Copper per annum.

Mr. Li said China shall continue to invest in Zambia to create more jobs and contribute to the economic development of the Country.

And Copper belt Minister Mwansa Mbulakulima said the Copperbelt has experienced unprecedented economic development in the recent past.

Mr. Mbulakulima said Zambians were not ashamed of Chinese Investment in the Country because they were the biggest Investor.

He said Politics of insults would not take the nation anywhere adding that Zambians must stand up and begin to foster debate on national Development.

The Minister however expressed concern over the delays in reopening of the Chambeshi metals Copper Mines.

He assured the Mine Workers Union of Zambia and the National Union for Miners and Allied Workers that government was dong everything possible to address their problems.

The president who was accompanied by copper belt Minister Mwansa Mbulakulima, Acting Mines Minister Peter Daka, Energy Minister Kenneth Konga had since returned to Lusaka.

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