RB to cross to Venezuela Saturday

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will host RB and other presidents

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will host RB and other presidents

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda is this Saturday expected in Venezuela to attend the 2nd Africa-South America (ASA) summit in the South American nation’s Margarita Island Margarita.

Transport and Communications Permanent Secretary Dominic Sichinga who is in the advance party told ZANIS in Margarita today that President Rupiah Banda is expected to arrive at Simon Bolivar international Airport in Caracas in the morning before proceeding to Margarita Island where the summit is taking place.

The President who will be accompanied by First Lady Thandiwe Banda and other senior government officials will immediately join the official opening of the conference upon arrival.

Mr Sichinga said the meeting whose theme is ‘’filling gaps, providing opportunities ‘’was important to Africa and Zambia in particular as it will explore tourism, agriculture , including the enhancement of political cooperation among African and South American countries .

Mr Sichinga said Africa and South America both shared in the United Nations principles of reducing poverty through the enhancement of economic development.

And security has been tightened at the conference that opened yesterday and is expected to lead to the culmination of the Heads of State summit on 26 and 27th of September 2009.

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