Mpombo hints at why he resigned, implicates president Banda

Expelled Kafulafuta Member of Parliament (MP) George Mpombo says President Rupiah Banda risks being dragged to court if a new Government is ushered into office.
Mpombo said President Banda will surely face the wrath of the law as he is running Government without regards for certain set regulations.
He said it is sad to note that the President has been a custodian of dubious deals and transactions without thinking of the consequences.
Mpombo, who is also former Defence Minister, alleged that he resigned from the position because he had serious problems with President Banda.
The expelled parliamentarian charged that differences were caused by a business deal that the head of state organized with his son, adding that his unwillingness to back the agreement was due to the fact that he did not want to be part of something that would benefit individuals and not the whole nation

“I’m not bamboozing the nation. I think it’s time for the cat to come out of the bag…I am gonna bite the bullet. The situation that led me to leave government is that I had serious differences with President Banda.

 “What happened is that President Banda’s son James had organised a business deal with a South African company to supply defence equipment to Zambia. When I looked at the document, shivers went down my spine because it had a matrix of 10 per cent…you know, an arrangement in which the nation was going to lose.”
Mpombo further said the cases against him are politically motivated as they are aimed at tarnishing his image.

Mpombo was last week arrested for theft of money arising from his tenure as minsiter of defence.

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