RB to go back to DEC on Friday as plot to lock him up today fails

RB to go back to DEC on Friday as plot to lock him up today fails

The plot to lock up former president Rupiah Banda at woodlands police station this afternoon has been postponed due to contradictory orders from ailing president Michael Sata on one hand and Fred M’embe on the other side.

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Mr Banda leaving DEC offices

M’membe’s orders to the police IG were that Mr Banda should be locked up at Woodlands police station today and a separate holding cell has already been prepared.

By 10 hours local time, there was a huge presence of plain clothes police around Woodlands  shopping mall in readiness for the detention of the former president.

But when Michael Sata, who is under pressure from other presidents, was told of the plan, he gave other orders that the police should  not detain his predecessor today. Mr. Banda left the DEC offices at exactly 13 hours with his lawyers professor Patrick Mvunga, Sakwiba Sikota and Irene Kunda.

‘I was your president and I didn’t do this to anybody else. I tried very hard  to bury the past so that we can come together and concentrate on developing this country. Any how perhaps my persecution will satisfy your needs. Like I said yesterday please remain calm’, Mr Banda told journalists as he left DEC offices.

The former president will return to the DEC on friday and that is when M’embe’s hatred will be satified as he is likely to override the sick head of state and have Mr. Banda locked for the whole weekend.

When Mr Banda left DEC offices, his lawyer  Sakwiba Sikota told journalists that the state seems to have no case as they are just fishing here and there with uncoordinated questions.

‘This is a fishing exercise, really this was a fishing exercise, these are the people that the Justice minister said had finished their investigations but we were surprised that they were fishing for information. Clearly investigations have not been concluded  and this is a waste of tax payers money. Somebody told them that they should find something but you don’t harass somebody like this,’ said Sikota.

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