RB to leave for US, Venezuela and Cuba

Cuban president Raul Castro has invited RB

Cuban president Raul Castro has invited RB

President Rupiah Bandawill on Saturday leave for New York to attend the 64th Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly, according to his spokesperson Dickson Jere.

President Banda is expected to deliver his maiden address to the UN General Assembly whose theme is “Effective Responses to Global Crises: Strengthening Multilateralism and Dialogue among Civilizations for International Peace, Security and Development.”

President Banda and other world leaders will also attend a High Level Dialogue on Climate Change, which will assess progress in the implementation of the Programme of Action and dialogue in preparation for the forthcoming Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change.

‘The President and other African Heads of State and Government will later travel to Caracas, Venezuela to participate in the 2nd Africa-South America Summit.

After the Summit, President Banda will travel to Cuba for a three-day State Visit at the Invitation of  Raul Castro Ruz, President of Cuba” said Jere in a press statement.

President Banda will return to Zambia after the State visit in Cuba.

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