RB told to address Doctors’ strike before touring Nigeria

United party for national development UPND Mazabuka central Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo has challenged republican president, rupiah Banda to give attention to the poor condition of the health workers in this country before he travels to Nigeria for the independence anniversary.
President Banda has been invited by his Nigerian counterpart, good luck Jonathan amid a serious strike at the country’s biggest referral center, the university teaching hospital UTH.

Mr. Nkombo notes that president Banda should show his leadership and set things right back home before he leaves for the celebrations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nkombo reiterated his call on government to re-introduce the windfall mining tax.

Making his contribution to parliament’s debate of the presidential speech during the opening of Fifth Session of the Tenth Assembly, Mr. Nkombo observed that the mining tax regime in the country is defective.

He says that the return of the windfall tax would do Zambia better than harm even though government has constantly refused to allow the re-introduction of the same.

He says that government needs to reflect and reconsider its decision by seeing to it that the windfall tax is re-instituted.

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