RB wants to sell Daily Mail to Kenyan friends-Post

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) leader Michael Sata has disclosed that President Rupiah Banda has offered the state-owned Zambia Daily Mail to his Kenyan friends, according to the Post newspaper

In an interview on Thursday, Sata said plans were underway to dubiously sell the Zambia Daily Mail.

“The Zambia Daily Mail, I know that Rupiah Banda wants to offer it to his closest relatives and friends. They have been talking to the Kenyans but let them buy it and we shall take it back,” Sata said. “It appears everything now it’s the Kenyans, the oil procurement scandal, it’s the Kenyans and now they also want to give their Kenyan friends the Zambia Daily Mail. We shall get that newspaper back because we know who is involved. They just want to benefit.”

Sata warned that all companies that are being sold dubiously would be re-nationalised.

“All those they are dubiously selling, we shall nationalise when we come in power. So all those that are buying these companies from them must know that next year, we are coming in power and when we come in power we shall re-nationalise all these companies. Those that are buying these companies are doing that at their own risk,” Sata said. “There will be no compensation once we get these companies and they should not even complain when it’s done because we have warned them so let them heed our warnings. And those Zambians that are dubiously selling these companies should know that there would have nowhere to run to. If they are found wanting, they shall be prosecuted.”

And during a programme on Yatsani Radio yesterday, Sata re-affirmed his position on the re-nationalisation of all companies that are being sold.

“I would like to warn comrade Rupiah Banda and company. Some of his closest relatives, he has offered them to buy Zambia Daily Mail. We are going to re-nationalise it,” Sata said. “Zambia Daily Mail belongs to the people of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, Indeni, Zamtel and others, 49 per cent is going to go to the workers, 50 per cent to you the public and one per cent to government.”

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