RB was replaced by Nevers Mumba August 2012

RB was replaced by Nevers Mumba August 2012

1Contrary to lies by PF ministers such as Edgar Lungu and Kennedy Sakeni, documents from the Registrar of Societies show that former president Rupiah Banda’s names were replaced with those of Nevers Mumba on August 2, 2012 as president of MMD.

Quoting Edgar Lungu (Habitual drunkard) , the Daily Mail has published the following rubbish:

GOVERNMENT says the latest official records at the Registrar of Societies indicate that former President Rupiah Banda is still MMD leader while Nevers Mumba is president of the Reform Party (RP).

Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu says Dr Mumba’s opposition party has not been dissolved and is still remitting statutory fees to the Registrar of Societies.
The MMD has been engulfed by internal wrangling over Dr Mumba’s leadership and the party now has a faction and parallel secretariat led by expelled national secretary Richard Kachingwe and women’s affairs chairperson Catherine Namugala.
Mr Lungu said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the latest documentation obtained by his office shows that RP has not been deregistered or dissolved and that Dr Mumba is still heading the opposition party.
He said records also still show that the MMD has not notified the Registrar of Societies up to now, about the change of office-bearers despite the party holding elections on May 25 last year to elect a new president.
“The Patriotic Front has nothing to do with the wrangles in the MMD and like I had put it, the records at the Registrar of Societies indicate that former President Rupiah Banda is still president of the MMD,” Mr Lungu said.
“As you are aware, the Societies Act requires that you notify the Registrar of Societies within 14 days from the date of such change of office-bearers. But this has not happened and the latest records we obtained from the Registrar of Societies still indicate that Mr Banda is president of MMD and Dr Mumba is president of RP,” he said.
Mr Lungu said although the MMD had paid the money it owed the government in statutory fees, the opposition party has not yet updated the records, which has now made it difficult to recognise the new president of the former ruling party.
Mr Lungu also reiterated the warning that Government will not hesitate to de-register the MMD if it does not put its house in order.
“If they continue fighting, I will have no choice but to de-register the MMD. But what I am asking for is for them to put their house in order…. the MMD we know is for Rupiah Banda,” he said.
Last year, Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki, who recently resigned from his position, stated that his office will not recognise Dr Mumba because of his dual membership and urged the MMD to resolve the matter.
Mr Andeleki had ordered the party to notify his office of the changes within 21 days from the date the letter was written to the MMD.



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