RB will win, insists Sakwiba

RB will win, insists Sakwiba

President Banda and Sakwiba Sikota

There is nothing that will stop President Rupiah Banda from winning the elections this year, United Liberal Party leader Sakwiba Sikota has declared.

In an interview, Sikota said out of the three contenders in this year’s election only President Banda has a clear vision on how to run the affairs of the nation.

He said it is sad that opposition political parties and their leaders have chosen to mislead the country about the economic growth the incumbent president has scored in the past three years he has been President.

“It is now clear that President Banda is retaining power, looking at the current contenders, no one can match President Banda and they will not stop him from coming out victorious in this year’s elections, people want to see a leader who has a heart for the people, a leader who can point a finger at something and President Banda has something to talk about,” said Sikota who a fortnight ago announced that his party will not contest this year’s election but will support the MMD and its candidates.

He said people seeking public office should first explain what they will do to reduce poverty and create jobs for young people. He said they should show how different their approach would be different from what president Banda is already doing.

“People must know that the ongoing debates ahead of the elections this year on the personality of President Banda are meant to sway the electorates. But I can assure you that Zambians are very intelligent people who will always look back where they have come from, President Banda has delivered,” he said.

He said President Banda has proved to the Zambian people that he is capable of guiding the country to economic prosperity.

“We must learn to appreciate the achievements of the MMD government in the last three years. Just look at the levels of infrastructure development, look at the successes his administration has recorded in the mining sector on the Copperbelt, look at the bumper harvest this country has been recording in the past three years under his leadership, so what more do you want from a government?” he asked.

Sikota told the Watchdog that it will be  pointless to oppose the leadership that has delivered economic developments, adding that the people of Zambia should not risk voting for any opposition political party in order for the country to continue recording economic gains.

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