RB yet to react to Mpombo’s resignation

President Rupiah Banda has not yet responded to the resignation by his defence minister George Mpombo.

But while the MMD is shocked by Mr. Mpomb’ s unceremonious departure, the opposition are happy.

When he addressed the press to announce his resignation in Ndola, Mr.  Mpombo said he had written to president Banda over his immediate resignation.

MMD Secretary General, Katele Kalumba, said the resignation of Mr Mpombo comes as a great shock to the party, especially that he was a senor member of the party and a minister.

Dr Kalumb said that he expected Mr Mpombo to consult with the party before he could take such a bold decision.

He said Mr Mpombo holds a very important position in the country as a Defence Minister, adding that he should have followed a laid down procedure before he could announce his resignation.

Dr Kalumba said being a NEC member and elected by majority at the party convention, the former minister knows that it is difficulty for a person to relinquish a position unless under difficult circumstances.

He has, meanwhile, called on all party members in the country not to panic, adding that the party will soon recover from the loss of the minister.

Dr Kalumba said MMD as a party has in the past lost important members but has quickly recovered from such.

Party chairman for election Mike Muolgoti was quoted as saying that it is difficult for the members to react before president Banda either accepts or rejects Mr. Mpombo’s resignation.

But PF spokesperon Given Lubinda said the resignation of Mr. Mpombo is a sign of the MMD panicking.

He said the pact between his party and UPND was having the desired impact on the MMD.

He said it was unheard of for a defense minsiter to quit while his president was attending to another president in a different town.

He said the resignation is a direct lack of leadership in the MMD.

The PF and UPND on the Copperblet have called on other minsiters to emulate Mr. Mpombo and resign.

Mr. Mpombo has noy yet given clear reasons for resigning.

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