RB’s campaign manager Kawimbe opposes Chitala’s impending expulsion

Differences  have emerged in the MMD leadership over the looming expulsion of party founding member Mbita Chitala.
Sources in the party told the Watchdog that the newly nominated Presidential campaign manager for Rupiah Banda Boniface Kawimbe has disagreed with some senior party officials to have Chitala booted out
of the party.
The source said some party official such as Dora Siliya who is Education minister, William Banda Lusaka province Chairman, Cheembe Nyangu vice national secretary and Micheal Mabenga wants Chitala out of the party but Kawimbe has advised the leadership about such action.
“Kawimbe told them that such action is deadly especially that we have done away with Mike Mulongoti, George Mpombo, Ng’andu Magande, Judith Kapijimpanga and now we have problems with the loyalty of Lameck
Mangani and Chitala, these are big problems we want to create lets find a way of bringing this issues to a halt, otherwise we might regret these people have a huge following and it will be difficult for us, lets not create more enemies,” said the source.
The source said the MMD is under pressure to rebuild its image using people they are calling novices in politics such as Dora Siliya, Cheembe Nyangu, William Banda and Michael Mabenga, hence the confusion
over whether they must expel Chitala or not.
The source revealed that Kawimbe had indicated that expelling experienced people in politics is not the solution to maintain order in the party.
“Expelling Chitala is another thing but working on the mechanism to challenge and fight these people who are now grouping up and supporting Sata will make it difficult for us to win the election, lets find a way of resolving these problems we are facing in the party and have them heard,” the source said.
The source revealed that there are two camps in President Banda’s government, adding that if he is not careful it will be too late for him to realize how infuriated government has become.
The source said most MPs and ministers from Eastern province apart from Lameck Mangani wants to use the head of state to bounce back in their constituencies and are not committed to have President Banda back in state house.

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