RB’s Lawyer accuses Sata of recklessly playing with ethnic divisions

RB’s Lawyer accuses Sata of recklessly playing with ethnic divisions

Following Friday’s statement by President Michael Sata accusing former President Rupiah Banda of sowing ethnic divisions, international lawyer Robert Amsterdam has rejected the move as a dishonest and desperate slur on behalf of the Patriotic Front administration.

“Let me be absolutely clear:  these accusations represent yet another blatant lie based on yet another bogus news article in The Post, forming part of the ongoing politically motivated attack against my client,” said Amsterdam, who represents former President Banda and his son, Henry Banda.  “By recklessly playing with the issue of ethnic divisions, President Sata or possibly his inner circle have placed their personal needs above the needs of Zambians, and have irresponsibly conducted themselves in a manner unbecoming of a serious and lawful government.”

Amsterdam continued:  “The comments are both untrue and embarrassing, as Former President Banda has strongly supported the Bemba leader of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Pastor Nevers Mumba.”

Rupiah Banda’s lawyer pointed out that the latest attack fits the pattern of recent abuses by the Patriotic Front:

“Let’s keep in mind that these are the same people that tried to forcefully dissolve the country’s largest opposition party, appointed family members throughout the Ministry of Finance, sought the removal judges to help their supporters avoid paying debts, called for the dissolution of the judiciary, filed dozens of lawsuits against critics, and are overseeing a completely discredited witch hunt that they call an ‘anti-corruption campaign,’” Amsterdam stated.  “Should we be surprised that they make wildly incendiary statements based on stories quoting non-existent ‘anonymous sources’ reported by their ally in the press?  Unfortunately this is the new reality in Zambia that the international community is beginning to understand.”

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