RB’s son, GBM brother endorse HH

RB’s son, GBM brother endorse HH

Former President Rupiah Banda’s eldest son Andrew, and GBM’s younger brother Chilekwa Munkonge have endorsed Hakainde Hichilema for the presidential by-election.
And Andrew Banda told the UPND rally in Kanyama that people are misleading his father that he can win the 20th January 2015, presidential by-election.
Andrew who received thunderous applause said he loves his father more than the people who are going to his house to cheat him to resume politics.
And Chilekwa Munkonge, the younger brother to Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba told the rally that HH is the right person to take over power now.
Munkongee appealed to the people of Northern province to rally behind HH and give him a chance.

Andrew Banda said:
“I joined MMD against all odds I was called all sorts of names and even today there are some people who are calling me names I want to ask those people calling me that I’m a traitor I ask you why didn’t you seat down and plan on who we are going to support in these elections.

“Right now I’m very upset, there some jealousy people telling my old man lies saying Andrew is a traitor. I want to send a clear massage that I love my father more than those people that go to his house every day and cheat him that he will win the next election.

“The blood that flows in my body is the blood of my father so I don’t understand that how a non entity can go to my father to lie to him that Andrew is de campaigning you. I’m not decampiagning my big man, he is my father I respect him and love him very much.10339730_875194902513286_3998984083154366056_n10380762_875194759179967_3275547838170802840_n10389199_875194829179960_1579018119907639841_n (1)10389199_875194829179960_1579018119907639841_n

But when it comes to politics” continued Mr. Banda, “I have always made right political decisions.”

The UPND held it first rally Sunday afternoon and drew masses as seen in the photos.

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