RB’s time is long gone- Mulongoti

People’s party President Mike Mulongoti says those advocating for former President Rupiah Banda to make a political comeback should realize that his time is long gone.

Mr. Mulongoti has told Q fm in an interview that leaders should realize when they have outlived their usefulness.

Mr. Mulongoti says thoughts of having Mr. Banda return to active politics and contest for the republican presidency should not be entertained, adding that such thoughts are unhealthy.

He adds that it is time for Mr. Banda to take rest and accept that he had a chance and his time has passed, hence the need to give others to the chance to rule the country.

Mr. Mulongoti says the people of Zambia have nothing against the former President, but had a feel of his governance and believe they should not go backwards but move forward.

He has further advised Mr. Banda not to listen to those advising him to return to active politics but rest and play an advisory role.

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