RDA directors fired for exposing minister’s corruption

RDA directors fired for exposing minister’s corruption

Two Whistle blowers who are also senior managers at the Roads Development Agency (RDA) have been fired. Loyce Saili a seasoned Journalist who served as Director Corporate Affairs and Mwaka Ngoma Director Legal Affairs where fired yesterday for alleged exposing the corruption of Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela and Permanent Secretary Charles Muahota.

According to sources, Chitotela personally asked for the dismissal of the two. Two weeks ago Chitotela and Mushota ordered RDA to buy them two Toyota Landcruiser VX that have since been registered into individual names.

Zambian Watchdog and the Mast exposed this and Chitotela was annoyed. Chitotela was also reported by this site of being the link between Edgar Lungu and Avic International a Chinese construction company that has built Edgar Lungu mansions in Lusaka State Lodge area.

” Yes Loyce was fired yesterday together with Mwaka Ngoma the Director Legal. The Minister and the PS suspect they are the ones who leaked the corruption by the two to the media. How they picked on the two we do not know because the entire management is aware and State House is also aware as you may be aware that RDA activities are supervised by State House,” the source said.


Editors Note: We would advise Loyce and Mwaka to forget about appealing this to State House. State House is the Den of Thieves. Chitotela’s best Friend is Clint Sichamba the Business partner to Edgar Lungu in Ndozo Lodge. Chitotela is the link between Avic and State House. Even the mansion Amos Chanda has built were financed and constructed by Avic. When Chishimba Kambwili posted on his Facebook page advising a minister to prepare for Jail and that this Minister had received 2.5 million Kwacha from a Chinese Contractor a week after being appointed it was Chitotela he meant. We are also aware that when Chitotela was appointed, he asked Lungu to find his own PS and RDA Director. He is quoted as saying he wanted RDA to be run by Bemba speaking people. We are not being tribal here. It is Chitotela. Board Chairperson Samuel Mukupa was maintained. Mukupa is also Edgar Lungu’s Campaign Manager and his office is at State House. Charles Mushota was moved from National Council for Construction and appointed PS. Kanyuka Mumba then RDA Director from Nyimba Eastern Province was fired for refusing to buy the Minister a vehicle was replaced by Mr. Mwape who was RDA Director of Procurement. In short appealing to State House is a waste of time. If you thought Fredrick Chiluba and Rupiah Banda were corrupt then wait a minute.

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